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AF Schütze

AF09-22-00-11 24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC Contactor

AF09-22-00-12 48-130V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-22-00-13 100-250V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-22-00-14 250-500V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-30-01-11 24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC Contactor

AF09-30-01-12 48-130V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-30-01-13 100-250V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-30-01-14 250-500V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-30-01K-11 24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC Contactor

AF09-30-01K-12 48-130V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-30-01K-13 100-250V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-30-01K-14 250-500V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-30-10-11 24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC Contactor

AF09-30-10-12 48-130V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-30-10-13 100-250V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-30-10-14 250-500V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-30-10K-11 24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC Contactor

AF09-30-10K-12 48-130V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-30-10K-13 100-250V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-30-10K-14 250-500V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-30-22-11 24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC Contactor

AF09-30-22-12 48-130V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-30-22-13 100-250V50/60HZ-DC Contactor

AF09-30-22-14 250-500V50/60HZ-DC Contactor